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Deck And Patio Cleaning

Are you in San Jose, CA, and thinking to yourself 'who provides the best pressure washing near me?'... if so, San Jose Pressure Washing is here to help! With years of experience cleaning outdoor surfaces, we are the people that you can rely on to perform thorough pressure washing services that transform your property. Able to work on all kinds of materials including wood, composite materials, natural stone, tiles, bricks, and concrete, our expert team works with a custom approach to ensure maximum benefit from the clean. For a team that you can trust to rejuvenate your deck and patio, get in touch today!

Residential Properties

Your home needs to look and feel the beautiful and clean place that you simply love to be in.  This includes all elements of your outdoor space! As your local experts in pressure washing, we provide a top-quality service that you can rely on to rejuvenate your property. Ideal for residential properties, our works are custom designed to achieve the best for each surface, responding to the precise and unique needs. We have a range of options within our power washing services so that the correct pressure is used and no damage is caused.

Commercial Sites

If your commercial site has a deck or patio, they need to be kept looking their best. Our pressure washing services are ideal for all kinds of commercial sites, offering optimum results combined with affordable prices and convenient work times. Our goal is to keep your property looking its best whilst maintaining your workday's functionality. We endeavor to achieve minimum disruption to your day, with our expert team working efficiently to perform a thorough clean that transforms and rejuvenates your outdoor space. To find out more please feel welcome to get in touch!

Materials we can work with...

As the local experts in all things power washing, we provide a range of services suitable for all materials, in any size, shape, or condition. Working with a responsive approach, our experts will first off inspect the surface before tuning their cleaning methods to achieve the best results. Using state-of-the-art equipment, materials, and products, you can be assured of only the best for your outdoor space. Commonly working on wood, concrete, tile, composite materials, brick, and stone, we are here to help keep your property looking and functioning to its best!

A Custom Approach

As your local experts, who have worked on a vast array of decks and patios across the region, we know that no two surfaces are ever the same. Different materials, conditions, and sizes will require different cleaning services, so our team works responsively to your specific outdoor space. Working with a power washer is an incredibly sensitive task that can easily go wrong in untrained hands. Exceptionally experienced in this field, our team thoroughly assesses the surfaces before performing a clean that will restore the original beauty of your patio or deck, rejuvenating the look as well as its strength and functionality.

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